7 Hidden Genius Computer Tricks You Must Know

7 Hidden Computer Tricks


In today’s tech-savvy world, mastering your computer can greatly enhance your productivity and efficiency. While you may be familiar with the basics, there are several hidden computer tricks that can take your digital prowess to the next level.

In this article, we will unveil seven genius computer tricks that are not only impressive but also incredibly practical. These hidden gems can save you time, simplify tasks, and boost your overall computer experience.

  1. Windows God Mode

Subheading: Unleash the Power of God Mode

One of the most intriguing computer tricks is the “Windows God Mode.” This secret feature provides quick access to a plethora of advanced system settings, all neatly organized in one place.

To activate God Mode, follow these steps:

Create a new folder on your desktop.

Rename the folder to the following: GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}.

Once done, you’ll notice that the folder icon changes to resemble a control panel. Double-clicking on this folder will reveal a treasure trove of settings and options, allowing you to fine-tune your Windows experience like never before.

  1. Snipping Tool or Snip & Sketch

Subheading: Master the Art of Screenshotting

Capturing the perfect screenshot is an essential skill for many computer users. While most people are familiar with the basic “Print Screen” function, Windows offers two hidden tools for more advanced screenshot capabilities: the Snipping Tool and Snip & Sketch.

Snipping Tool (for Windows 7 users and earlier):

The Snipping Tool allows you to capture specific parts of your screen with precision. To use it, simply search for “Snipping Tool” in your Start menu, open the application, and select the area you want to capture. You can then save or annotate the screenshot as needed.

Snip & Sketch (for Windows 10 and later):

Windows 10 and later versions come with Snip & Sketch, an improved tool for screenshotting. Pressing Windows key + Shift + S opens a quick screenshot menu, which lets you capture and annotate the screenshot effortlessly.

  1. Quickly Minimize All Windows

Subheading: Instant Desktop Access

Imagine having multiple windows open, cluttering your screen, and you want to access your desktop quickly. Instead of manually minimizing each window one by one, there’s a hidden genius trick that can save you time and effort.

Press the Windows key + D on your keyboard, and like magic, all your open windows will instantly minimize, revealing your desktop. Press the same combination again to restore your open windows to their previous positions. It’s a nifty shortcut that can help you maintain a clutter-free workspace effortlessly.

  1. Ctrl + Shift + Esc

Subheading: The Shortcut to Task Management

Task Manager is an essential tool for managing running processes and applications on your computer. While many users are familiar with the Ctrl + Alt + Delete combination to access Task Manager, there’s a quicker way to get there.

Simply press Ctrl + Shift + Esc, and Task Manager will pop up instantly. This shortcut skips the additional step of having to click “Task Manager” after accessing the Ctrl + Alt + Delete menu, making it a more efficient way to handle performance issues or troublesome applications.

  1. Clipboard History

Subheading: Your Secret Clipboard Assistant

Have you ever needed to copy and paste multiple items quickly? Windows 10 and later versions introduce a hidden gem called “Clipboard History” that can be a lifesaver in such situations.

Press the Windows key + V to access the clipboard history. This feature allows you to see and paste previously copied items, making it incredibly convenient when you need to refer back to multiple pieces of information without switching between windows or documents.

  1. Shake to Minimize

Subheading: Shake Things Up for Quick Minimization

Windows offers a fun and efficient way to minimize windows with a simple shake of your mouse. This hidden feature is not only practical but also a unique way to manage your open applications.

Here’s how it works:

Click and hold the title bar of the window you want to keep open.

Give your mouse a quick shake from side to side.

The window you shook will minimize, while all other open windows will be minimized as well. Shake it again, and they will be restored to their previous state. It’s an entertaining yet handy trick for those moments when you need to declutter your screen in a snap.

  1. Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Subheading: Personalize Your Computing Experience

Efficiency is key when using a computer, and one way to boost your productivity is by creating custom keyboard shortcuts for your most frequently used applications or files. Windows allows you to do this easily.

Here’s how to create custom keyboard shortcuts:

Locate the shortcut of the application or file you want to assign a keyboard shortcut to.

Right-click on the shortcut and select “Properties.”

In the “Shortcut” tab, find the “Shortcut key” field.

Enter your desired key combination (e.g., Ctrl + Alt + X).

Now, whenever you press your chosen key combination, the associated application or file will open instantly. This is particularly useful for streamlining your workflow and accessing your favorite tools with minimal effort.


Mastering these hidden genius computer tricks can transform your computing experience. From effortlessly accessing advanced settings with God Mode to quickly managing open windows with a shake, these tricks are designed to enhance your productivity and make your digital life more enjoyable.

By incorporating these tricks into your daily computer use, you’ll save time, simplify tasks, and impress your friends and colleagues with your newfound expertise. So, go ahead and give these hidden gems a try, and unlock the full potential of your computer.

Incorporate these hidden genius computer tricks into your daily routine, and you’ll find yourself navigating your digital world with newfound ease and efficiency.

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