MS Word Create table and Graphics Tips

MS Word Create table and Graphics Tips & Tricks

How to create table and Graphics in MS Word

  1. Insert a table various way.
  2. Design and format a table.
  3. Perform basic table operations.
  4. Insert graphical objects.

Apply various styles and design formats on the graphical objects.

Insert and work with WordArt

Table are useful in displaying data in symmetrical form. Financial figures, data sets and other structured data can be displayed using tables. Table save space and present the necessary details in concise form. Tables help in comparing the data and understand it easily as compared to a paragraph or longer text.

A table consists of rows and columns.  A cell is the intersection point of a row and a column Example.

Inserting a Table

To insert table, go to insert tab > Table drop-down. There are many ways to insert a table in MS Word:

  1. Insert table visually: Here, select the number of cells visually in the drop-down grid and the table will be inserted with as many cells as selected by you.
  2. Insert table dialog box: Use insert Table… Option to display the insert Table dialog box in which you mention the number of required rows and columns and click ok.
  3. Draw table with Mouse: Use Draw Table option to draw the table with the help of mouse.

Other ways of inserting a table are-

  • Insert on Excel Sheet as table (Excel Spreadsheet option).
  • Convert the tab separated values into a table (Convert Text to Table option).
  • Insert predesigned table (Quick table option).

Shortcut Keys for Navigation and Selection in the Table

Select next cellTab Key
Select previous cellShift + Tab Key
Jump to the first cell in a rowAlt + Home key
Jump to the last cell in a rowAlt + End key
Jump to the first cell in a columnAlt + Page Up
Jump a new paragraph within a cellEnter
Insert a tab within a cellCtrl + Tab

Table Design

Design tab under Table Tools is used to give a different look to the table as you need. You can change the shading colour and border styles of the table using this tab. There is a libary of Table Styles that you can use to select predesigned table design formats.

Table Layout

A table can be altered in many ways, including adding or removing rows and columns, splitting cells, merging cells, changing the layout, etc.

Adding Rows and Columns

We can insert rows and columns according to our needs in a created table.

  1. Select the cell of the row above and below which we need to insert a new row or to the left or right we need to insert a column.
  2. Layout tab> Rows & Column group> Insert above or insert below option.
  3. Layout tab> Rows & Columns group > Insert Left or Insert Right option.

Deleting Row, Column, Cell and Table

While you are in the current cell, Layout tab > Rows & Columns group> Delete drop-down > Delete Cell|Delete Column | Delete Row| Delete Table oprion.

Delete, Cells… option shows Delete Cells dialog box where you can mention to shift other cells either left or up.

Merging and Splitting Cells

Merging means converting multiply cell into one and splitting is reverse of merging that is dividing a cell into multiple cells. While splitting you need to specify into how many rows and columns you need to split the cell.

To merge the desired cells, first select them then Layout tab | Merge group| Merge Cells option.

To split a cell, first go to the cell then Layout tab | Merge group | Split Cells option. The Split Cells dialog box will appear.

Changing Text Alignment and Direction

Text can be aligned in 9 different ways (top-left, top-center, top-right, center-left, center, center-right, bottom-left, bottom-center, bottom-right) inside a cell.

Text direction can be top, left, down, right. Go to Layout tab| Alignment group| Select desired layout and text Direction (click multiple times intil you get the desired direction.)

Enhancing Documents with Graphics

In Microsoft Word, we can insert various visual objects such as photos, shapes, icons, etc. to give a visually enhanced look to the document. Documents like brouchures, pamplets, newsletters, posters, etc. get porfessinal appearance by the suitable use of graphics.

The Illustrations group in insert tab provides options to insert various graphical objects.

Insert an Image

Insert tab| Illustations group | Pictures drop-down | This option to locate and insert the image from local computer (or Online Pictures option to insert images from internet.)

Manipulating an Image

If a picture is too big to fir on a page, Microsoft Word will scale it to fit the margins the document. If we want to resize that image again. Select that image, Microsoft Word inserts eight controls around an image- four corners, and four midpoints on each side.

To resize the image, drag these controls with the cursor Dragging the corner will adjust the image proportionally on both sides Controls on the sides affect only that side and deform the image.

Rotating an Image

When an image is selected in Microsoft Word, a ninth control tool appears as a circular arrow connected to the top-middle size control. The mouse pointer changes to a circular arrow hovers on this control. Rotate the image by dragging the circle.

Layout Text Wrapping with an image

It is as as dragging a photo on a page in Word to move or rearrange it. However, it does not always work. Layout Options are the best way to carry out the results we want.

Text wrapping allows us to control how a shape or image interacts with the text arount it.

Wrapping Style 

Select the image that we want to wrap text about it. The Layout Options button will appear on the top right of the image.

Click on the Layout Options button. Many wrap text options will display.

Cropping an Image

The crop means trimming an image to remove any unwanted enterior edges.

  1. Select the picture right click on mouse. top of the image crop option avalaible.
  2. Click on the Format tab| Size group| Crop option. like below image.


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